Agnes Sinta Dewi Tyas Utami
Sinta, Sint
October, 5th 1997 (age : 16)
Panti Rapih Hospital, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
I don't have siblings -_______-
Jogjakarta City, Jogjakarta, Java Island, Indonesia, South-East Asia.
Graduate from Pangudi Luhur 1 Junior High School and studied at X-A, Saint Mary Girls High School.

Activities :
studying, blogging, a daughter, part of DP SMB, laughing, stalking, running, breathing, screaming, reading, sleeping, going crazy with my bestfriends, yes like a normal 16 y.o girl.

What I love ?
I really love, my live, my bestfriends, One Direction, Demi Lovato, Skandar Keynes, Jennifer Lawrence, Youtube, Glee, scince-fiction and fantasy novel(s) and movie(s).

What I hate ?
Of course copycaters, haters and spammer.

Thanks for your attention and keep stalking :)

xoxo, Sinta